Multisite success starts with the right Campus Pastor—a Ministry Fit.

Every campus pastor has their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know which ones fit with your church? Start today with CDF Leadership Capital's Ministry Fit and find the right fit for your campus.

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We studied the best to provide you with the best.

By working with the leading churches in multi-site ministry we have learned what factors make or do not make a great campus pastor. Our services help you:

Better understand your ministry.

Our Ministry Fit Model will give you a baseline of understanding of your campus leaders by showing you their motivators and stressors, where they thrive, where they need growth, and how they fit together.

Ministry Fit Model

Step one: By taking our short survey, we can determine if one of our campus models fits your church. If your church is unique, we will work with you to discover your model using the same assessment tool from our research.

Step two: Once we identify your Ministry Fit Model, we then take a look at your existing and future leaders to determine their fit. With our Ministry Fit Profile assessment, you can measure the fit of one or all your leaders.

Ministry Fit Profile

Ministry Fit Coaching

Step three: When you decide you need more help, our coaches are there for you. Whether we are finding ways to grow your leaders into your model, or walking you through changing your model, our custom coaching services are there for your success.


A foundation built for scale and forsight

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Improve your recruitment and retention.

By understanding what you are looking for, you can more readily understand if you are recruiting the right leaders and identify the hidden gems already at your church.

Recognize and overcome warning signs.

Turnover in leadership is disruptive for a church campus. Not knowing there is a potential mismatch with a leader can be tough. Seeing that mismatch lead to disruption can be devastating. Ministry Fit helps you see warning signs before it is too late.

The Pricing Plan.

Ministry Fit Model



Start here to find out your Ministry Fit Model. 

Each model comes with an assessment of your structure, leaders, and one Ministry Fit Profile.

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Ministry Fit Coaching

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When you are ready to go beyond the Ministry Fit Model, our experts are here for you. 

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Ministry Fit Profile

Already know your model? Looking to recruit a new leader? Our individual Ministry Fit Profiles are exactly what you are looking for.

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Discover Your Church's Ideal Ministry Fit.

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We worked with leading churches and pastors to develop unique Ministry Fit Models for multisite churches. Our tools and process allow us to assess your current and future leadership pipeline and help you find leaders with a Ministry Fit for your campuses. Our three step process makes it easy for any church.

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